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MesajSubiect: Scenarii, scenarii   Vin Ian 09, 2009 9:26 pm

Cautand pe la altii idei, am dat peste scenariile astea pe site-ul unei echipe din US :

O sa dau cu paste si aici, poate servesc la oaresce inspiratie si va fac pofta de ceva mai complex.


Whichever team controls the majority of the eight buildings at the end of the game, wins the game. To control a building, a player must be inside and "alive" at the end of the game. In the case of a two story building, or a multi-roomed building, the team with the most occupying live players will control that building.

Strategies: It is an advantage to occupy as many of the buildings at the start of the game before the opposition has a chance to enter them. It is very difficult to remove an opposing player from a building once he is inside one of them. Care must be taken to avoid "friendly fire", as confusion occurs easily in this fast paced game where armbands will not be apparent due to the fact that players will be in buildings with only their heads showing.


A flag is hung, in full view, exactly half way between the two teams. The object is to capture the one and only flag and move it to the opposition's flag station, not back to your own.

Strategies: It is not a good idea to leave a defensive force at your flag station. If your team captures the flag, there will not be any opposition forces coming to your flag station. If you have the one and only flag, they have no flag to bring to your flag station anyway. If the opposition captures the flag, your team can be divided into a pursuit force and a defensive force. The defensive force will return to the flag station to prevent the opposition from hanging it there and wining the game. The pursuit force can follow and attempt to capture the flag from the opposition. If they are successful in this, the defensive force can be called forward to help with the attack on the opposition's defensive forces that will be defending their flag station.


An area is designated as the jail. It is exactly half way between the two team's starting points. If any player, of any team, is eliminated, he must immediately move to the jail. He will remain in the jail until one of his team mates enters the jail and tags him. Once he is tagged, he is instantly alive, he is able to return fire, be hit again, or even tag other members of his team. He must make an attempt to leave the jail as soon as possible.

An eliminated player in the jail may call out for a rescue or say anything he wants in this game. The only time a "live" player may enter the jail is specifically to rescue one or more of his own players. No player may purposely shoot through the jail at any time. At times a large flow of cross-fire through the jail may occur accidentally and players must be cautioned never to remove their goggles, even partially, while in the jail. The game is won by eliminating the other team, collecting them in the jail, leaving no one to come to the rescue.

Strategies: This game is usually won, or lost, in the first thirty seconds of the game. Which ever team controls the jail, can rescue their own players, and meanwhile prevent the opposition from rescuing theirs. If your team controls the jail, you will always be out in full-force while the opposition will start to accumulate in the jail. Once the jail has been secured, detachments can be sent out to hunt down the remaining opposition players still at large.


One team is placed in an easily defensible area. They are limited in their movements and must stay in the area of their defense. They are defending their flag, hanging well within their defensive positions. In order for the attacking forces to win, they must pull off the flag. It is not necessary to carry or move the flag, but simply pull it off the string without being eliminated.

Strategies: The attacking forces must maneuver aggressively to win. Since the defenders will know the attack is coming and will have a lot of players watching, it is better to run from cover to cover rather than try to sneak up closer. If possible, a human wave attack can be used successfully in this type of game, but are difficult to organize. Once a weakness is found, or created, in the defense, it is important to exploit the weakness immediately, before the defense can be reorganized.


The object is to simply eliminate the other team from play. There is no flags or flag stations in this game. Whichever team successfully eliminates the other team completely, wins. In the case of a time limit on the game, which ever team has eliminated more of their opposition, wins.

Strategies: It is a big advantage to keep your entire team together, as one large force. This will help to minimize friendly fire and to maximize the attacking force of the team. If the opposition divides himself into smaller forces, your large force will be able to attack them one by one, easily over powering their weaker numbers. If your team is spread out in the heavy bush , the use of code words can be used to reduce friendly fire.


A few foxes and singled out and identified by differing armband configuration. The rest of the players are all hounds. The ratio of foxes to hounds should be at least 10:1. The foxes are released first and are given a short head start. The hounds are then released to hunt down the foxes. For the foxes to win, at least one of them must survive the stated time period. For the hounds to win, they must hunt down all of the foxes within the stated time limit.

Strategies: The foxes should split up and attempt to hide. If the hounds bypass them in their search, this will open up the opportunity for the foxes to strike from behind, severely reducing the number of hounds, then disappearing once again. The hounds should try to search the field in one wide sweep, leaving no unsearched areas in their pass. If a fox is discovered, try not to let him out of sight as he will disappear once again and the search will have to start all over.


All players without an armband take up defensive positions at Firebase Gloria. The defenders can move out to the tire bunkers on the perimeter of the firebase clearing, but they may not pass them and move off into the bush. The players with armbands, red and blue combined, will attack the firebase. At the start of the game, the defenders have a huge numerical superiority of approximately 8:1. If an attacker is hit, he returns to the starting point, the paint is wiped off, and he resumes the attack. If a defender is hit, he returns to the starting point, changes to the appropriate armband, and he joins the attack.

New attackers must be reminded that both red and blue armbands are attacking and not to tag the other color. Gradually there is more and more attackers and less and less defenders. The game continues until all defenders have been eliminated.

Strategies: To be the last defender, either hide in one of the outer tire bunkers until all the defenders in the main complex of the Firebase have been eliminated, often the attackers will bypass the some of the outer defenses in their assault on the main complex. Or, hold out in the top of the tower as long as possible. Stay low and behind cover behind the small wall at the top of the stairs. When attacking, try to pick off a few defenders with long range fire. At the start of the game, it is difficult to approach the firebase because of the heavy concentration of defenders. This can be used to your advantage by spraying in shots into these areas from a long range. Any players hit will be back shortly to help you with the attack and the number of defenders will be reduced.
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MesajSubiect: Re: Scenarii, scenarii   Vin Ian 09, 2009 11:54 pm

one of the time
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MesajSubiect: Re: Scenarii, scenarii   Vin Mar 06, 2009 7:08 pm

niste scenarii simple luate de pe


Anul 2012
Intr-o inchisoare de maxima siguranta are loc o revolta; detinutii pun mana pe arme, izoleaza gardienii intr-o celula si incearca sa evadeze!
Exista insa doua fractiuni rivale care se urasc de moarte si incearca o razbunare cu aceasta ocazie. In paralel, trupele de interventie incearca innabusirea revoltei si eliberarea gardienilor.


Detinutii A: 7
Detinutii B: 7
Gardienii: 2
Politia: 5

Locatie: incinta DEFENCE SCHOOL

Timp: 40 min

Gardienii vor fi inchisi intr-o celula situata la etajul 1…Iar cheile de rezerva sunt la echipa de interventie pozitionata in cealalta cladire. Detinutii au la dispozitie doar pistoale, iar atunci cand elimina un politist, poate recupera arma acestuia…


Detinutii A: elimina echipa rivala si evadeaza
Detinutii B: elimina echipa A si evadeaza
Gardienii: trebuie sa recupereze cheile de la politisti, sa scape din celula unde erau inchisi, sa faca jonctiunea cu ceilalti politisti si sa ajute la inabusirea revoltei
Politia - salveaza gardienii si innabusa revolta

Armament: PM, pistoale


Anul 2015
Soldati NATO trebuie sa elibereze camarazi facuti prizonieri.
Insurgentii au aflat de aceste planuri si incearca mutarea prizonierilor pentru a impiedica eliberarea acestora...
Soldatii au doua optiuni:
• Pot incerca salvarea ostatecilor in timpul mutarii acestora in noua baza
• Pot incerca eliberarea chiar in baza originala

Locatie: padure sau desert

Timp: 45 min


Echipa de salvatori: 6
Prizonieri: 3-4
Insurgentii: 12

Insurgentii asteapta 10 min in baza originala, iar apoi incearca sa plece cu detinutii spre noua locatie. Pe drum exista o noua oportunitate pentru eliberarea ostatecilor...
Acestia pot incerca si o evadare pentru a se alatura soldatilor si pentru a ajuta la eliminarea insurgentilor...


Pentru soldati: eliberarea prizonierilor, eliminarea tuturor insurgentilor
Pentru insurgenti: eliminarea soldatilor, transferul prizonierilor sau executarea lor in caz de tentative de evadare
Pentru prizonieri: evadarea

Armament: PSL, PM, Pistol

Operatiunea SQUAD 4

In prezent...
Un commando incearca sa opreasca timerele a 4 focoase nucleare ce urmeaza sa fie lansate din baza nucleara.
Focoasele sunt in 4 locatii diferite si sunt protejate de garzi inarmate. Garzile trebuie sa impiedice actiunea commandoului si vor fi pozitionate in cladiri, cate doua pe fiecare nivel precum si in exteriorul cladirilor sub forma unor patrule.

Tipul de lupta: C.Q.B. si R.B.

Timp: stabilit pe timere (30-60 min.)


Soldatii din echipa de commando: 6
Garzile: 8
Santinele-patrule pt exterior: 6-10
Tehnicieni: experti pt timere 1-2
Medici (pt ambele tabere): 2 -

Poarta insemne distinctive (banderola) si nu se trage asupra lui cand opereaza. El poate interveni o singura data asupra unui participant si ii transmite acestuia o banderola rosie , ceea ce inseamna ca acesta a fost o data ranit.
Graficul loviturilor:

In cap si gat - mort
In piept - 2 lovituri: mort
In piept(o lovitura), spate, membre - ranit; Cei raniti o data, la urmatoarea lovitura sunt considerati morti.


commando-ul: neutralizarea santinelelor
santinelele: sa elimine soldatii din commando
tehnicienii: sa apere timerele si sa traga de timp chiar cu pretul vietii

Armament: pistol mitraliera sau pusca, pistol, cutit(cauciuc)


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MesajSubiect: Re: Scenarii, scenarii   Lun Mar 09, 2009 10:51 am

O sa revin si eu cu un post mai detaliat referitor la 2 scenarii de joc pe care le-am testat cu '' Scoiattoli '' din Torino - adica veveritele in traducere romaneasca
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Scenarii, scenarii
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